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Finally, what we have all been waiting for. Here it is, in an easy to implement format: The Ultimate MySpace Layout.


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Reductio ad Absurdum

I’m going to start posting my comics on this blog, if I think they’re wootworthy.

my comics are hosted by photobucket.com
©2007 Jonathan McKeen

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1. A reasonably well crafted video remix of the 9th Doctor and a new yet old enemy.

2. The only thing worse than Christmas with the in-laws is Christmas with the previous regenerations.

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The Great Internet Holiday

The Great Internet Holiday is here, and Facebook did not disappoint.

There was a mention of a new LivePoke feature, the relationship status of Meredith and McDreamy going from “it’s complicated” to “in a relationship” and back again, and a mention of Ohio State and Florida deciding to call it a draw rather than play the championship game.

My favorite:
Two of _your oxen_ drowned when you tried to cross the river.

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This webcomic‘s humor is sometimes rather obscure, but my guess is that it will meet the eccentricities of geek-minded types head on.

Here’s a sample of something to which more people can relate. Is your life like this?

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Sweet Shirts

Upon doing a bit of surfing, I came across this page. It has a number of funny t-shirts for sale (the humor is roughly aimed at upper-20s geeks), and I thought I’d post a few highlights.


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