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“To assume that it is a problem is to assume that the state of Earth’s climate today is the optimal climate, the best climate that we could have or ever have had and that we need to take steps to make sure that it doesn’t change… I guess I would ask which human beings — where and when — are to be accorded the privilege of deciding that this particular climate that we have right here today, right now is the best climate for all other human beings. I think that’s a rather arrogant position for people to take.”
– NASA Administrator Michael Griffin, during an NPR interview on May 31, 2007.


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The 2007 season of Doctor Who has begun in Britain, and although you probably won’t see the shows on US TV for several months, you can use TV Links to view the new episodes as they come out.

Excerpt from episode Smith and Jones:
Doctor: “They’re making a catalogue, which means they’re looking for something non-human. Which is very bad news for me.”
Martha: “Why?”
The Doctor looks at Martha.
Martha: “Oh, you’re kidding me.”
The Doctor continues to stare.
Martha: “Don’t be ridiculous.”
The Doctor’s eyebrow raises comically, despite the serious look on his face.

I really must complain. When the soldiers are marching over the moon, we can hear the sound of their boots stomping towards the building. We hear these sounds even though it was just explicitly stated that there was no air on the moon. Ah well. Doctor Who is not hardcore science fiction, by any means. Another small complaint: Russell Davies’ fixation on hand-holding continues.

TV Links also offers streaming video of many tv shows, movies, anime series, and some music videos. It’s a must for those who want to see their shows on their own schedule without paying vast amounts for DVDs or getting busted on BitTorrent.

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Jefferson the Punk

The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions that I wish it to be always kept alive.

It will often be exercised when wrong, but better so than not to be exercised at all.

I like a little rebellion now and then.

Thomas Jefferson to Abigail Adams, 1787

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