Play this little web game called The Impossible Quiz, and you’ll soon be MIA, yourself.

In an hour, I reached number 80, and then took a break for the night. Wow. Notpr0n fans, you’ll love this one. It’s easier, though, and much goofier. Smart-alecky types will excel at this.

Play it. It’s fun and funny, and requires some out-of-the-box thinking.


This article details the juicy info about a planet that has recently been discovered.

Evidently the years are 13 “days” long, but the temperature and size of the planet suggest that it might be optimal for life. It’s about 120,519,500,000,000 miles away, so if you start driving now, you could get there in about 200 million years.

I don’t know if humans are meant to be out there and colonizing, but it’s fun to imagine all the wonderful possibilities out there. For example: If you thought Risk 2210 A.D. was cool with the extra moon board, just you wait until Risk 2560 A.D. with an entirely new planet having more than twice the surface area.

Reductio ad Absurdum

I’m going to start posting my comics on this blog, if I think they’re wootworthy.

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Click to see the flickr photos of this project, into which someone put major effort.

1. A reasonably well crafted video remix of the 9th Doctor and a new yet old enemy.

2. The only thing worse than Christmas with the in-laws is Christmas with the previous regenerations.

Killing Us Softly 3 is a shoft film in which Jean Kilbourne speaks about poor gender representation in advertising.

Dr. Kilbourne points out that advertising media has an indirect way of altering what we believe about ourselves, and about the world. She says that many ads give the message that women are inferior beings, that they are objects for men’s enjoyment, that they must measure up to an impossible ideal or be worthless, that women should be quiet and submissive, that men should be dominant, and that an attitude of violence is acceptable in men. Kilbourne goes on to say that racism and homophobia are also present in many advertisements. One of her main points is that when people begin to think of other people (be they women, black, homosexual, or otherwise) as less human or of less worth than oneself, the likelihood of violence towards women increases significantly, especially when feminine traits in males are treated as weak and unmanly, and aggression and violence are shown to be important aspects of masculinity.

One criticism of the documentary is that Kilbourne claims many things about culture, and trends in advertising, but does little to back it up with numbers. What do you think?

The 2007 season of Doctor Who has begun in Britain, and although you probably won’t see the shows on US TV for several months, you can use TV Links to view the new episodes as they come out.

Excerpt from episode Smith and Jones:
Doctor: “They’re making a catalogue, which means they’re looking for something non-human. Which is very bad news for me.”
Martha: “Why?”
The Doctor looks at Martha.
Martha: “Oh, you’re kidding me.”
The Doctor continues to stare.
Martha: “Don’t be ridiculous.”
The Doctor’s eyebrow raises comically, despite the serious look on his face.

I really must complain. When the soldiers are marching over the moon, we can hear the sound of their boots stomping towards the building. We hear these sounds even though it was just explicitly stated that there was no air on the moon. Ah well. Doctor Who is not hardcore science fiction, by any means. Another small complaint: Russell Davies’ fixation on hand-holding continues.

TV Links also offers streaming video of many tv shows, movies, anime series, and some music videos. It’s a must for those who want to see their shows on their own schedule without paying vast amounts for DVDs or getting busted on BitTorrent.